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The story of Huli Gives would start off in a small town of Ozark, Missouri. I was 19 years, full of ambitious dreams to one day provide for a family of my own, like my father worked so hard to do, and did very well.  After graduating from Ozark High School, I worked at the Kraft Cheese Factory in Springfield, Missouri. This is same factory my father retired from, and I attended a local technical college after working all night in the Kraft cheese plant.  Many days on my way home from school I had to pull over, and wake myself up as I never got used to sleeping during the day.  It was this season in my life that I started to learn why people work so hard to work for themselves.    


My dad worked for 34 years at this factory job, while teaching art classes in the basement of our home.  After the factory job, I attended a Bible College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and married my wife Christi in 2000.  Two years later I moved back to my home town of Ozark, Missouri to accept a position at a church called Nixa Assembly of God. There was a lot to learn in this new position to say the least, but I was living the dream getting paid to help teens make life giving decisions, and discover who they are with God.  This was a very rewarding job. There was only one MAJOR PROBLEM.... I could barely pay my bills, along with many other peers. There was always this nagging issue of needing more money, and never getting ahead financially. Back then I didn't see a way to get ahead, but I still trusted God to make a way. 


After working for 4 years as youth minister, it was time to step down, rest, and focus on my family. I started a small lawn care business called Pro Cuts, and a Christmas light company called Christmas Lighting Installed.  This was my first taste of working for myself. I learned right away that these services if done right, would pay pretty well, and I could set my own schedule. I made my share of mistakes, and eventually realized that I wasn't making enough to survive. This led me and my family to a big move. I accepted a roofing sales position for my father in law in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2013. 


After 3 years of climbing on roofs, I decided to get creative, and started networking with local property management companies, asking for a list of properties that could be inspected for hail damage for free. I hired some friends of mine that went out to do the inspections that I would normally do. I gave them a to do checklist, and they sent me the pictures and documentation of the hail damage, and I passed this on to the property management companies. This allowed me to have time to think about starting my own business, but still work from home.  


This was when I started learning about affiliate marketing.  I watched many YouTube guys doing product reviews making 6 figures just talking about the latest headphones, car review, or you name it and someone was probably doing a review on youtube.  I knew that for me to get where these guys are at financially it would takes years, and I didn't have years to try out something with no guarantee that it would work. I needed something to work right away. 


So my original idea that led me to Huli Gives was a shopping comparison website where people could shop Amazon, and see local options. This would help small local businesses get more exposure for free.  Then that idea moved into helping non-profits that are already using Amazon Smile, and give more cash back. This is where I thought everything had come together. I could help non-profits make more money and also provide for my family, and create jobs for people to help market. Then Amazon decided they didn't want me to share this business model with friends, family, or co-workers, and shut it completely down. No explanation, just that I have violated their terms even after they accepted my business model.  So in one moment,  years worth of work down the tubes, so I thought... 


I decided to do a complete name change from DoubleMySmile to Huli Gives, and moved forward with instead of Amazon. Huli is a Hawaiian word that means to "turn", hence the Hawaiian dish huli-huli chicken:)  I was searching for a name that would be unique, easy to remember, and that would express what Huli Gives does.  The main purpose of  Huli Gives is to see non-profits "Turn" their online shopping into the ultimate free fundraising tool.


Join the Huli Gives team by downloading the free App, selecting a non-profit, and just shop like normal. Oh, and is much cheaper on the most popular online items than Amazon. Check out this incredible article!!


Benjamin D Waggoner

Huli Gives, LLC / CEO / Owner

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